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Expanding services to Placer County due to many recent requests, we are expanding our service area to include southern Placer County, from Roseville to Meadow Vista. Please call anytime for routine or emergency services


Now Available: Small animal services limited to vaccination, heartworm testing, and at-home euthanasia

REHOMING Please see our Client Resources Page for a list of animals needing homes, and homes available.

Client Resources

Links: to other websites of interest on particular subjects:

..Rhabdomyolysis; PSSM (EPSM); “Tying-Up”
University of Minnesota Equine Center
..Laminitis Risk
Sugars in Pasture Grass (TheHorse.com)
..Saddle Fitting and Evaluation
Saddles That Fit
…Caprine Arthritis and Encephalitis
Iowa State University; Center for Food Security and Public Health


In decades of practice, we have acquired knowledge of many aspects of animal care, some of which we wish to share with you, as the first observer of an animal’s behavior and appearance.
The ability to prevent a medical condition before it becomes a serious health problem, and  to assess problems accurately can be life-saving. It can also prevent much pain and suffering to you and the animal – and minimize your animal care expenses as well.

We hope that you will find these fact sheets both useful and informative.

Feed Requirements
Equine Herpesvirus (EHV) Myeloencephalopathy (from USDA)
Pre-Purchase Examination
First Aid for Horses
First Aid Kit
Physical Exam Checklist
Laminitis   (Courtesy of Horse and Rider Magazine)
Snake Bite, Vaccination
Rattlesnake Toxoid Brochure (from Red Rock Biologics)
Emergency Splinting of Fractures (Courtesy Center for Equine Health-UCD)
Chiropractic Information
Directory of State Veterinarians
Geriatric Horse Care   (Courtesy of the University of Nevada, Reno)
Vaccination Guidelines for Foals (Courtesy AAEP)
Vaccination Guidelines for Adult Horses (Courtesy AAEP)
Vaccination Bibliography
Body Condition Score
Body Condition Score; Alpacas
REHOMING information


Q. What species do you treat?

A. Our practice is limited to horses, camelids (llamas and alpacas), and small ruminants (sheep and goats). We do not treat pigs, cattle, or exotics. We provide small animal services (for dogs and cats) on a limited appointment basis: vaccination, heartworm testing, and at-home euthanasia.


Q. What geographic area do you cover?

A. We routinely go anywhere in El Dorado County from Pollock Pines west to the Sacramento County line and Folsom, as far north as Cool, Georgetown, Greenwood, and Kelsey, and as far south as Plymouth.

There are extra fees associated with appointments in Swansboro and Mosquito, upcountry of Georgetown as far as Volcanoville, Amador County south of Plymouth, Sacramento County west of Folsom, and Placer County.

Q. What Forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and CareCredit.   Payment is expected at time of service.

Q. What provision do you make for response to emergencies?

A. Emergency medicine is a focus of our practice. We are committed to being as available as we possibly can be to respond to emergencies. On most days (including weekends) there are two mobile units available, and we are ready, willing, able, and predisposed to reschedule an entire day’s routine appointments, if necessary, in order to provide prompt response to emergencies; for our own clients, as well as for neighboring practices, though we do give priority to our own established clients.

Emergency surcharges apply, and depend on the distance, urgency, degree of disruption of the normal schedule, and other factors.